Born: March 30, 1958, Riga, Latvia

Work: Painting, stage design, exhibition design, posters, monumental painting

Education: 1970-1977 Janis Rozentals Riga Secondary Art School
1977-1984 State Academy of Art, Diploma—stage designer

Prizes: 1987 Theatre Show Prize in the Republic for the year’s best stage sets for the State Liepaja Theatre production of A. Chekhov’s «The Seagull» 1988 Baltic Theatre Show prize in Kaliningrad for the State Liepaja Theatre production of A. Chekhov’s «The Seagull»

Most important exhibitions, theatre productions:

  • 1981
    Art Day exhibition, Riga
  • 1982
    Art Day exhibition, Riga
    «Gesta Berling» by S. Lagerief, State Liepaja Theatre
  • 1983
    «I’m 40 already, but still looking young» by V. Slavkin, State Liepaja Theatre «The Wizard of the Emerald City» by V. Slavfein, State Liepaja Theatre Art Day exhibition, Riga
    Baltic States Poster Show, Vilnius
  • 1984
    «The Eighteenth Camel» by S. Aloshin, State Liepaja Theatre Art Day exhibition, Riga
    «The Zitari CIan» by V. Lacis, State Liepaja Theatre
    Personal show, Museum of Art, Tukums Branch
  • 1985
    «Dot and Anton» by E. Kestner, State Liepaja Theatre
    Art Day exhibition, Riga
    One man show, Latvian and Foreign Relations and Cultural Society Personal show, Cinematographer Amateur Society Club Design of S. Smidbena’s ceramics show, Riga
    Wall paintings, Tume village kindergarten, Tukums Region
  • 1986
    Latvian Stage Design exhibition, Budapest
    «Schveik» by J. Hashek, State Liepaja Theatre
    «Aija» by J. Jaunsudrabins, State Liepaja Theatre
    «King Lear» by W. Shakespeare, State Liepaja Theatre
  • 1987
    «The SeaguII» by A, Chekhov, State Liepaja Theatre
    Design of documentary show ((Witnesses of Fate», Theatre Museum
    Personal show, Valmiera hospital
    «Going to Church with a Shack by P. Putnins, State Drama Theatre
  • 1988
    «One Upon a Time There was a Rider» by A. Geikins, State Drama Theatre
    Personal show, Art Museum, Tukums
    «The Builder Soulness» by H. Ibsen, State Drama Theatre
    «The Jofeen by M. Ziverts, State Liepaja Theatre
    Group show, Gallery Majakowski, Citadelle, West Berlin
    Stage designer group show «School» (students of A. Freibergs)
    Exhibition Autumn-88, Riga
  • 1989
    «The Priestess» by Aspazija, State Drama Theatre
    Personal show. Gallery «Transit», Spandau, West Berlin, catalogue «In Fire» by J. Kalnins, Opera Theatre
    Art Day exhibition, Riga
  • 1990
    «Earthward with God» by P. Putnins, State Drama Theatre «Aesop» by J. Jurkans, State Liepaja Theatre
    Group show, Canberra, Australia (together with I. Blumbergs, B. DeIIe,. A. Bauskenieks and others), catalogue
  • 1992
    «A Midsummer Night’s Dream» by W. Shakespeare, State Liepaja Theatre
    Group show, Penta Hotel, Salzburg, Austria, catalogue
    Group show, Gallery «Centre», Bradford, England
    Group show «Eroticism in Art», Gustavs Skilters Memorial Museum, Riga
    Personal show, Latvian Embassy, Stockholm, Sweden
    Show together with D. Gudovskis (glass), Gallery Vartai, Vilnius, Lithuania
    Show together with wife L. Skarina (ceramics), Gallery M-6, Riga
  • 1993
    Mmabana Culture Centre, Taung Cultural Centre, Thabanchu Sun Hotel
    International, Mmabatho, Bophuthatswana (this exhibition was promoted by the government of the Republic of Bophuthatswana)
    Show «A Tribute to French Culture», State Art Museum
  • 1994
    Personal show, Gallery “Gila”, Riga, brochure.
  • 1995
    Personal show, Mayfair Society Gallery, London, catalog, publication.
  • 1997
    Personal show, Slovyanskiy Dom, Moskow, brochure.
  • 1997
    Personal show, Hotel Radison SAS “Slovyanskaya”, Moskow.
  • 2001
    Personal show, Baku. Gift for Geidar Aliev.
  • 2001
    Personal show, Gallery “Chiris”, Riga.
  • 2005
    Personal show, Gallery “Bonhanss”, Riga.
  • 2006
    Personal show, Estapona, Albayt Country Club, Spania.
  • 2008
    Personal show, Gallery “Bonhanss”, Riga.
  • 2011
    Personal show, Museum, Pskov.
  • 2013
    Personal show, St.Peterburg, Russia.
  • 2014
    Personal show, Hotel “Promenade”.
  • 2015
    Personal show, Hotel “Promenade”.
  • 2018
    Personal show, Rietumu bankas galerijā.
    Rīta Panorāma (video)
  • 2020
    Personal show “ArtIsCool”, Cēsu istāžu zāle.
  • 2022
    Personal show, Rietumu bankas galerijā.
  • 2022
    Personal show, Rezekne GORS.
  • 2023
    Personal show “ArtIsCool”, Liepājas Mūzikas, Mākslas un Dizaina Vidusskola.



Techique – acrylic on paperboard

Member of the Latvian Artist Union


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